Global law firm Baker McKenzie recently partnered with the Georgetown Law Institute for Technology Law & Policy to host a special event with leading thinkers from the Firm, government, the judiciary, and academia to discuss the protection of trade secrets as technology rapidly evolves. The full-day Trade Secrets Symposium on Georgetown University Law Center's campus on 8 November included discussions on:

  • How generative AI is transforming the trade secret landscape;
  • The role of non-compete covenants;
  • Protecting against leaks of confidential information;
  • The impact of China's emerging trade secret protection on global commerce;
  • The future of trade secrets in the US and around the world. 

"Protecting valuable confidential data is increasingly important to businesses in an increasingly complex geopolitical landscape dominated by AI, employee mobility, and external threat actors" said Bradford Newman, Chair of the Firm's North America Trade Secrets group and one of the leaders of Baker McKenzie's AI practice. "The answers are not simple, but the bright minds from industry, academia, and the government invited to this symposium helped make sense of the novel emerging issues at play and how businesses can protect their trade secrets and prepare for what comes next."

Baker McKenzie speakers at the event included Bradford Newman, Jennifer Semko, Krissy Katzenstein, Elizabeth Roper, Mackenzie Martin, Michael Brewer, William Dugan, Mark Goodman and Nandu Marchiraju. View the full event details.

About Baker McKenzie's Trade Secrets and Data Privacy Capabilities 

Trade secrets are increasingly important worldwide, requiring new strategies for identification, protection and enforcement. The Firm's Trade Secrets group advises at all stages of litigation and ADR involving trade secrets and related actions such as inevitable disclosure, breach of confidence and unfair competition. Practitioners also advise on competitive assessments and develop best in class trade secret protection, monitoring and enforcement programs, in addition to developing rapid response plans in the event of breach, including seizure and other emergency relief actions to prevent imminent disclosure. The team is also skilled at designing comprehensive approaches to protecting and preserving trade secrets. Learn more about our capabilities here

Baker McKenzie's data privacy practitioners help companies to navigate the myriad of challenging data protection and privacy laws, regulations and guidance, in all regions globally. The Firm advises multinational companies on all aspects of data privacy, security and information management, including data compliance in the digital economy, incident response and investigation, data as an asset, the modern workforce and supply chain/ESG. Learn more about Baker McKenzie's data privacy offerings.

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