In a world disrupted by crises, businesses are operating in a state of constant flux. Opportunities and risks spill across different markets, sectors and areas of law – so a connected perspective is essential for driving growth. In this podcast series, we bring together industry leaders and Baker McKenzie experts to discuss the issues shaping business today.


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Episode 6: Managing Risk in an Unstable World

Businesses are operating in an environment of uncertainty, and how the world trades is in the spotlight. Sunny Mann (Partner, London) and Kai Chan (Global CEO Ocean Freight, ISS Global Forwarding) explore the current geopolitical environments affecting businesses and how to manage risk in an unstable world.

Episode 5: Risk vs reward in the world of AI

The vast potential of AI is apparent in every sector, but the speed of advancement is raising major questions and concerns. Join Danielle Benecke (founder and global head of Baker McKenzie's Machine Learning Practice), Max Mindt (Data Scientist, Deutsche Bank) and Tobias Schreiegg (Director of Regulatory Affairs, Siemens Healthineers) in an industry deep-dive to understand how the finance, healthcare and legal sectors are balancing AI's benefits and challenges. 

Episode 4: Sanctions Compliance in a Connected World

As heightened sanctions activity amplifies challenges for those operating in a global environment, navigating this landscape requires a comprehensive and collaborative approach. Anahita Thoms (Partner, Berlin) is joined by Sean Doherty (Head, International Trade and Investment; Member of the Executive Committee, World Economic Forum) and Hera Smith (Director, Financial Crime Compliance, Moody's Analytics) to discuss how organizations can more confidently ensure sanctions compliance.

Episode 3: Quantum Computing in the finance industry — friend or foe?

Quantum computing is still in its infancy, but most experts expect it to reach transformational powers in the next decade, bringing massive technological revolution but also new opportunities for early movers. In this episode, Mark Simpson (Partner, London) is joined by Elena Strbac (Global Head of Data Science Innovation, Corporate, Commercial and Institutional Banking, Standard Chartered) and Peter Chapman (President and CEO, IonQ ) to explore how and why the finance sector is gearing up for this monumental shift.

Episode 2: Building Business Resilience in a Turbulent Environment

Baker McKenzie's Anne Petterd (Partner, Sydney), Mark Turner (Managing Director, Kroll) and Frances Coppola (speaker and writer) examine the role of regulation in creating sustainable growth, the impacts of increasing digitalization and cybersecurity can affect business stability, and why stimulating investment will contribute to future economic security.

Episode 1: Collaborating with Competition: Shaping a New Framework for Net-Zero Success

Luis Gomez (Partner, Baker McKenzie) is joined by Luke Disney, SVP Sustainability & Climate of Rabobank, and Christina Figueres, the UN’s former climate chief and now founding partner of Global Optimism, to explore why collaborating with competitors is critical for net zero success across the board.