As part of the European Union's Green Deal, one of the areas of EU law that has developed most rapidly and profoundly is that relating to corporate sustainability governance. Most recently, the Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive (CS3D) was provisionally agreed at a political level in December 2023 and confirmed (in a revised version) by COREPER in March 2024. While the final text of the CS3D must still be formally adopted by the European Parliament and the Council of Ministers before it enters into force, this is widely expected to occur over the coming months.

Given the critical importance of this new law and the business impact it is bound to have for many multinational companies active in the EU, we've developed the CS3D Explainer Series to explain the most important aspects of CS3D compliance and provide practical insights to support businesses as they adapt to this new challenge.

Move forward, sustainably
Organizations looking to remain resilient and competitive in the new economy are taking action on sustainability and we can help them to move forward, sustainably. Our multidisciplinary global team works alongside our clients to identify key risks, establish and evolve sustainable practices, make pivotal investments and comply with changing regulation – to set direction and navigate legal risk in the journey ahead.