Baker McKenzie's Unmanned Aircraft Systems Capabilities

Drones and their many applications are rapidly evolving. COVID-19 has accelerated the introduction and use of drones as they provide a unique opportunity to deliver services while reducing the need for personal interaction.
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The aviation industry is rapidly evolving to respond to increasing turbulence from international legal and political headwinds, technology breakthroughs, increased competition, and economic pressures. Global airline alliances, emerging markets, low-cost carrier growth, infrastructure privatization and unmanned aircraft systems (also known as drones) are revolutionizing aviation from the largest international air carriers to the smallest micro-drone operations. Growing opportunities, increased risks, new regulatory frameworks and unique legal challenges accompany the industry’s evolution and require deft legal piloting for success.

With over 50 years of combined industry practice and extensive senior government experience, our aviation lawyers help clients navigate complex regulatory compliance issues, investigations, enforcement proceedings, licensing and other aviation authorities, transactions, tax issues, environmental reviews, import and export controls, and a wide range of other business and legal matters across the globe. 

Our international footprint perfectly complements the aviation industry, as we have attorneys in the major business and regulatory hubs worldwide, connections to government and industry leaders, and expertise in aviation trends. No legal or business challenge is too complex.

Our clients include airlines, technology companies, aerospace manufacturers and repair companies, airport operators, online travel companies, corporate and private aircraft owners, and unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) stakeholders. We have extensive experience with high-profile aviation matters involving governmental and international bodies. We advise clients on:

  • Regulatory, compliance and enforcement matters for airlines, airports, UAS, corporate aircraft operators, manufacturers, hazardous material shippers, and travel distributors
  • Public-private partnerships for major commercial airports
  • International air services agreements, airline alliance and antitrust immunity (ATI)
  • Mergers, acquisitions and restructuring of airlines, aerospace manufacturers and worldwide repair stations (MROs)
  • Airspace hazard and airspace obstruction evaluation under Part 77
  • Tax assessment and planning advice, including excise, sales, personal, property, and use taxes and related deductions
  • Accident and incident investigations and litigation, and related criminal matters