Switzerland is currently in the midst of the global crypto-finance boom and Swiss-related Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are attracting worldwide attention. The high volume of successful ICOs launched in Switzerland is the result of a fintech-friendly legal environment. ICOs are not only performed by start-ups any more but traditional high-standing businesses are considering launching their ICO as well.

ICOs are not in a legal vacuum. Law applies generally regardless of the form of assets which is why ICOs are not only a question of regulatory law. We at Baker McKenzie understand ICOs and crypto-assets as a new industry field which is subject to the laws of various disciplines.

Whilst public offerings of tokens may touch upon various financial market regulations in Switzerland and internationally, it is essential to consider also from an international tax and legal perspective the legal structure allowing the business to launch a successful ICO and the realization of the pursued tokenomics. Baker McKenzie is the one stop shop providing access to global legal services.

Baker McKenzie is one of only a handful of law firms in the world with a practice group devoted to structuring and implementing complex cross-border transactions.

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