To be a top-performing business, employers need to attract and retain talent with competitive employee benefits and rewards programs. We provide the advice companies need to implement structures that account for the operational, business change and administrative issues that arise in the workplace, while ensuring they are compliant.

Our global network of employee benefits and equity lawyers provide expert advice on the tax, securities law, exchange controls, accounting implications of employee share plans, incentive plans and pension plans. We also:

  • Design and implement local and international incentive plans tailored to client needs
  • Advise on tax structures that achieve corporate or executive cost savings
  • Advise on compliance with employment tax, social security and employer withholding obligations, including those related to globally mobile employees
  • Provide guidance on navigating local employment laws when implementing incentive plans, including those regulating data protection, discrimination, termination, trade unions and works council
  • Develop contracts and related documents to convey complex technical issues in simple terms employees can understand
  • Create practical solutions for managing incentive plans amid major business change and restructuring projects, including corporate transactions

With a strong track record in employee benefits and equity services, our legal experts support clients' talent management strategies by ensuring their incentive programs are both competitive and legally compliant across jurisdictions.