Baker McKenzie enters its next era in London with the official opening of its new office at 280 Bishopsgate. 
The office space, which opens today, 23 October 2023, has been designed with collaboration, client engagement, sustainability and wellbeing in mind. It boasts dynamic workspaces and an open plan layout to improve the way teams work together, both internally and with clients.

The building also ensures more intelligent use of space. Quiet corners have been installed in three corners of each floor to allow people to do focused work without distraction. Collaboration desks are available on all working floors, making it easier to work on projects with colleagues. A new central staircase links all of the office's working floors to encourage our people to move around and work with different teams or on different floors.  

New "meet in the middle" spaces, designed to build a truly collaborative workplace for teams and their clients, provide the opportunity to meet in a more informal setting than a meeting room. Additionally, alongside a new deal suite, the office includes a client lounge, where guests can work or take calls when visiting the office.

Crucially, Baker McKenzie's new London office has been designed to reflect the Firm’s global sustainability goals. 

Marmoleum flooring, made up of 99% linseed and 1% cacao seeds is used throughout the building
Office chairs are now modular, so individual parts can be replaced rather than whole chairs
All electricity used will come from renewable sources
One large screen replaces two computer screens on each desk

All of this and much more is helping Baker McKenzie to lower its overall energy consumption and drive forward its ambition to be the most sustainable law firm. 

Ed Poulton, Baker McKenzie’s London Managing Partner, commented:

“This move is a natural next chapter in Baker McKenzie’s story in London. We are going to be situated in an energetic and diverse part of town, in a vibrant part of the City, in a building which speaks to our ambitions in sustainability as well as the gains we have made in implementing a more flexible way of working. All of this, I am pleased to say, makes 280 Bishopsgate far more reflective of our Firm and the next stage of our growth.”

Jannan Crozier, Baker McKenzie's Global M&A Chair and 280 Steering Committee Member, added:

"When we made the decision to move to 280 Bishopsgate, we set out to design an office that reflected our culture and prioritized the needs of our people and our clients. We wanted a space that promoted collaboration and facilitated creative, solution-focused thinking; providing best in class service, and where our people would be excited to work. We have achieved that, and more, over the course of this project. Our new office marks a new era for Baker McKenzie in London, and offers ever more impressive service to the Firm’s outstanding client-base.”
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