The financial services industry is undergoing sweeping changes driven by regulatory developments, rapidly advancing technology, ESG concerns and continued consolidation in the sector. The far-reaching impact of financial reforms, intricacies in their implementation, and conflicting regulations in different jurisdictions can expose businesses to increased regulatory risk.

Baker McKenzie's Financial Services Global Regulatory (FSR) Guide has been updated for 2021 to incorporate changes across the globe in this rapidly evolving regulatory environment. The Guide acts as a quick reference tool when distributing financial products into new markets, providing a comprehensive summary of regulations applicable to banks and other financial services companies around the world.

Covering 35 jurisdictions – including both key financial centers and emerging economies – the Guide answers the following questions:

  1. Who regulates the banking and financial services sectors?
  2. What are the main sources of laws and regulations?
  3. What types of activities require a license?
  4. How do licensing requirements apply to cross-border business into the country?
  5. What are the requirements to obtain authorization?
  6. What is the process for becoming authorized?
  7. What financial services "passporting" arrangements with other jurisdictions are available?

Baker McKenzie's Global Financial Services Regulatory team delivers integrated financial regulatory and enforcement advice in both established and emerging markets. Our lawyers have long-standing relationships with financial services regulators, and are experienced in helping clients deliver financial services efficiently and cost-effectively in a compliant manner.

From set-up and structuring, change management, new business and product offerings, operational support as well as representation in litigation and enforcement matters, we apply our industry knowledge and regulatory expertise to deliver result-oriented and compliant solutions for all types of financial services including banks, insurance companies, payments companies, securities firms and asset managers.

To find out more about our people and to read about financial services regulatory and enforcement developments around the world, visit the Global FSR page.

Please note that this guide was published in October 2021.


Global Financial Services Regulatory Guide 2021

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