In our 20th Annual Global Trade and Supply Chain Webinar Series which included updates across the latest international trade and supply chain compliance developments, our panels of experts covered the key developments and latest trends on trade controls including sanctions, export controls and other regimes. On the inbound side, sessions on opportunities and compliance challenges arising out of FTAs, hot topics on customs valuation, trends in customs audits and supply chain compliance challenges, as well as trade remedies and WTO developments we held.

Webinar Topics and Recordings:


Leveraging Trade Policy, Trade Remedies and WTO as an Advantage for Your Business




Key Lessons from the Russia/Ukraine Crisis: Preparing for the Next Geopolitical Event




Gearing up for More Sanctions Enforcement: Risks and Mitigation Strategies




Managing Customs Disputes: Customs Audits, Investigations and Litigation




ESG Compliance in the Supply Chain: Risks & Strategies




Export Controls Developments Across the Globe: Hot Issues and Enforcement Trends




Spotlight on China Trade: Key Developments and Compliance Challenges




Mitigating Customs Duties: Tariff Classification, Customs Valuation, FTA and Customs
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2024 Global Trade and Supply Chain Webinar Series

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