Our London Financial Services Regulatory Group recently hosted a webinar where they discussed recent developments about the Mansion House Reforms presented by the Chancellor in July 2023 and what they mean for the industry. The topics include:

  • The new Smarter Regulatory Framework, the government’s approach to the repeal of retained EU law, and the tools available to the regulators and the Treasury in the shift to an enhanced post-Brexit domestic regulatory framework
  • Upcoming reforms to the UK capital markets, secondary capital raising, and unlocking new sources of financing
  • Next steps in the evolution of UK payments regulation, including the Future of Payments Review and the outcome of the Treasury’s consultation on payments regulation and the systemic perimeter
  • New compliance standards for regulated firms: outcome of the investment research review, the replacement of PRIIPs and the new UK short selling framework
  • Digitising the UK’s shareholding system and the new FMI sandbox

We are pleased to share with you a recording of this webinar, for the benefit of those who weren’t able to catch it.



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