The European Commission launched the European (EU) Green Deal in 2019. The EU Green Deal is a package of policy initiatives, one of which is a commitment to tackle false environmental claims by requiring that consumers receive reliable, comparable, and verifiable information to enable them to make more sustainable decisions and reduce the risk of greenwashing.

The Empowering Consumers for the Green Transition ("EmpCo Directive") was approved in March 2024 and amends the Unfair Commercial Practices Directive. The proposed European Union Green Claims Directive ("Green Claims Directive") was tabled by the European Commission in March 2023. Both Directives aim to bridge the gap caused by the current varying standards for validating environmental claims and the lack of clear criteria to tackle their unreliability.

What does it mean for your business

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Key Areas of the EmpCo Directive and the EU Green Claims Directive

Key areas of the EU Claims Directive

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Key Actions to Take

Businesses should promptly strategize to align their marketing and advertising practices to meet the rigorous standards of both directives.

1. Stay Up to Date

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Ensure that you keep up to date with the latest measures approved by EU member states and assess their impact on your business as soon as possible to prepare a strategy for implementing the requirements.

2. Collaborate with Others

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Work with industry associations to navigate the complexities of both directives and help advocate for consistent standards across the sector.

3. Analyze Marketing

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Analyze your marketing strategy in relation to claims that may be subject to the future directive.

4. Collect Crucial Data

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Collect product life-cycle data of your products to help speed up verifications and aid in any further assessments of green claims.

5. Publish Information

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Prepare to set up a website that will contain relevant information relating to the substantiation of green claims, including a summary, in easily understandable language.

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Review your use of green claims   Closely monitor the progress and member state implementation of both directives   Consider how to adapt and modify existing business practices