Named one of the top transactional firms among Fortune 100 companies by Corporate Counsel magazine, our M&A lawyers are market leaders in planning and executing joint ventures and strategic alliances, particularly across borders. After years of completing these deals, we deliver what clients want most: experienced advice on joint venture strategy, increased deal certainty, risk management in all jurisdictions, and the ability to realize the strategic and economic benefits of the partnership.

Our expertise spans all stages of joint venture and strategic alliance transactions, starting with structuring the partnership while accounting for tax strategies, multijurisdictional considerations, equity participation and director liabilities. We also provide guidance on the optimal operational and governance structures based on the goals of the investors as well as develop exit and termination strategies.

We work across offices and practice groups to advise clients on related antitrust, employment, finance, intellectual property, technology, real property, trade and other compliance and regulatory matters. No matter the business or legal issue, we help clients overcome challenges to achieve the full benefits of their joint ventures and strategic alliances.