Each year, French companies with 50 or more employees are required to calculate and publish their Gender Equality Index score. Our office in Paris scored 69 out of 100 in 2024, based on the previous year's data, due to gaps that benefit women in the following indicators:

- Score based on the gender pay gap: 14/40 (in favor of women)
- Score based on the difference in the rate of individual salary increases between women and men: 35/35
- Score based on the percentage of employees who returned from maternity leave during the reporting year and received a raise upon their return: 15/15 
- Score based on the number of employees of the underrepresented gender among the 10 highest paid employees: 5/10 (there are more women than men among the 10 highest earners)

Inclusion, diversity and equity (ID&E) underpin our Firm's culture and values. Within the Firm, a Global Diversity & Inclusion Committee sets our ID&E strategy, creates initiatives and monitors progress through a gender equality scorecard and an engagement survey of Baker McKenzie offices around the world. 

Visit our dedicated page for more information about our ID&E efforts.

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