Leading global law firm, Baker McKenzie, has today increased its maintenance grants for future London trainees studying the GDL and LPC, while also announcing a new grant for future SQE students. 

As part of its commitment to social mobility within the profession, the Firm has today increased its available grants as follows:

GDL - increased from £8,000 to £12,500
LPC - Increased from £10,000 to £12,500

Additionally, the Firm has announced a new grant for students studying the SQE. Law students on a 10-month course, will be offered £16,000, while non-law students on an 11-month course will be offered £17,000. 

Earlier this year, Baker McKenzie introduced two new grants to provide additional aid to those experiencing financial difficulties. The Baker Boost Grant gives students studying the LPC access to an extra £4,000 in addition to the standard maintenance grant offered by the Firm, while the Laptop Grant offers up to £750 for students studying for the GDL or LPC. 

Baker McKenzie's London Graduate Recruitment Partner, Priyanka Usmani, commented: "As a firm, we are committed to improving social mobility in the profession and increasing the diversity of candidates undertaking our training contracts. By increasing the support that we make available to future trainees we hope to ensure that more students are able to access a career in law, which they may think is out of reach otherwise."

Baker McKenzie's London Training Principal, Stephen Ratcliffe, commented: "The cost of living crisis continues to have an effect on people's lives, so we want to ensure that the support we are offering future trainees means that they can focus on their studies and completing their qualifications. Along with our Baker Boost and Laptop Grants, which were introduced earlier this year, we are confident that we can offer as much support as possible to our future trainees."
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