Our Asia Pacific Immigration and Mobility (AIM) team’s bMobile program aims to provide an integrated, one-stop cross-border mobility solution across immigration, employment and tax laws in Asia Pacific. It provides 360-degree legal advice and assistance throughout the workforce mobility lifecycle.


Our Value Proposition

  • We have an established regional and global footprint with local specialized teams covering the major markets in Asia Pacific and around the globe.
  • Operating as one Firm, we have an excellent international reputation for our cross-border legal expertise and global footprint.
  • We provide bespoke solutions for our clients' specific cross-border mobility needs and objectives.
  • Our highly developed experience in Asia-Pacific legal systems, combined with our in-depth local knowledge and understanding of the cross-border workforce mobility challenges and opportunities unique in the Asia Pacific region make us a truly leading law firm that specializes in immigration, employment, and tax laws, and pension and equity incentive schemes.


Integrated Solutions for International Mobility

We deliver bespoke cross-border workforce mobility solutions to our clients in Asia Pacific and help businesses navigate complex employment, tax and immigration laws.


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