Closing the Invention Gap Cover

Innovation in law moves slowly. To thrive and survive, the industry needs to reinvent itself. Change is happening, but what's stopping it from moving faster? 

Our report, Closing the Invention Gap: Reinventing the Practice of Law at the Edge of Chaos, highlights the urgent need for innovation in the industry (both private practice and in-house) to futureproof itself and posits a hypothesis that we are seeing a collective failure of imagination. 

This report, written in collaboration with The Oracle Partnership and leading industry innovators Jae Um and Mary-O'Carroll, seeks to fill in that gap. It: 

  • Explores risks and opportunities that may emerge
  • Models future scenarios to help law firms plan and prepare
  • Sets out a framework for helping legal industry leaders prioritize action

We can all try and predict the future. Some will get it right and some will get it wrong. But the risk of relying solely on prediction in a world displaying edge-of-chaos conditions is that we do not consider (much less plan for) all the possible futures. Only when we do that will we see true innovation emerge in the industry.


Twitter Space Discussion

Innovation in any industry starts with its people and in the legal industry the role of the lawyer is changing. Listen to our recent Twitter Space, where Jae Um, Founder and Executive Director at Six Parsecs, and Ben Allgrove, Chief Innovation Officer and Jay Connolly, Chief People Officer, discussed what will be expected of lawyers in the future.


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