Let's Talk Climate Crisis (Hablemos de la Crisis Ambiental) is a sustainability project of the Corporate Social Responsibility area of Baker McKenzie Mexico that invites the audience to reflect on the environmental and climate crisis through a series of webinars. The goal is to collectively build proposals for a sustainable and inclusive world based on human rights and the principles of equality and justice by recognizing ourselves as active subjects in the construction of knowledge and in the solutions.

Through the project, which will last from June to November 2022, we will launch a webinar per month in which experts from different industries will be sharing with the audience their perspective on different topics, their experiences and solutions that can lead to sustainability.

This program seeks to contribute to the participant's perspective where they can learn and share their interests, motivations and concerns with the rest of the audience.

31 August 2022
Under-addressed perspectives on climate change (Perspectivas poco abordadas sobre el cambio climático)

Speakers: Alice Poma (Doctor in Social Sciences and Environment and Researcher, UNAM) and Edgar López (Founder and CEO, Expok)

Moderator: Miriam Villafaña (Director of the Corporate Social Responsibility Area, Baker McKenzie)

The climate and environmental crisis not only affects our outside world, as is the case with heat waves, rising sea levels and natural disasters among others, it also affects us as individuals.

The growing climate threat hangs over us, causing uncertainty, concern and fear. Despite not being a common topic, being in contact with the emotions generated by the current crisis is extremely necessary in order to channel them into individual and collective actions that can mitigate the negative effects of climate change and lead to sustainability.

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* Webinar available in Spanish only.

27 July 2022
Challenges and opportunities of Climate Change (Retos y oportunidades ante el Cambio Climático)

Speakers: Federico Ruanova (Senior Counsel, Baker McKenzie), Luis Fernández (Lead author, IPCC), Mauricio Bonilla (Executive Director, Pacto Mundial) and Soffía Alarcón (Associate Director of the Americas in the Sustainability Consulting Area, Schneider Electric)

Moderator: Gwenaelle Gerard (Founder and CEO, ResponSable)

On this occasion, through our five panelists, we were able to understand the current panorama of the climate crisis, what the challenges of the legal framework are for our region, the need for companies to reconcile productivity and sustainability, and what can be the contributions of civil society and science.

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* Webinar available in Spanish only.

15 June 2022
How to build viable and sensible alternatives for a world in crisis? (¿Cómo construir alternativas viables y sensibles para un mundo en crisis? )

Speaker: Dr. Ana de Luca, Expert on Climate Change, Universidad Autónoma de México (UNAM)

The environmental crisis is an opportunity to think that a kinder and more sensitive world is possible. To achieve this, it is necessary to open the doors to new ways of thinking and acting both at an individual and organizational level. In this webinar, we present the great contemporary environmental problems and the role the community plays in mitigating them. We invite you to participate in the construction of a more just and sustainable world.

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* Webinar available in Spanish only.

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