Our pro bono mission is to deliver first-class legal services to the underserved and disadvantaged by fostering an environment that encourages and promotes service and to promote and sponsor activities that provide opportunities for all Firm personnel, independently, and in partnership with our clients, to contribute to the well-being of the communities in which we practice and live.

Our Pro Bono practice engages our professionals in several types of activities to achieve our mission.

  • We work to create and foster an environment that encourages and supports attorneys to provide legal service to disadvantaged and underserved in our communities.
  • We collaborate with in-house counsel to provide pro bono
  • We support and create opportunities for Firm employees to dedicate time and energy to a public service organization or cause through volunteerism and we maintain a civic presence by providing leadership to the most respected civic organizations in our community.
  • We are committed to providing financial sponsorship to public interest practitioners through fellowships and to offering financial support to help meet the needs of our communities by developing charitable giving strategies.

All this work supports our central focus on pro bono legal services to the underserved and disadvantaged, a tradition we are passionate about and we always working to enhance and grow.