Our highly-regarded intellectual property practice group is now seeking talented mechanical, computer, electrical, information science engineers and/ or scientist who is passionate about innovation and IP protection to join the team as patent consultant.

The successful candidates will help our clients secure their patent - an ownership of their scientific innovations / inventions - in Thailand and overseas areas.

The key accountabilities are the following:

  • Coordinate with researchers to learn about new innovations / inventions, conduct prior art search and analyze relevant information to determine if there is any similarity that might prevent the innovations / inventions from being patented.
  • Draft patent specifications and/ or review translation of patent specifications, prepare, file and prosecute of patent applications to Patent Office in Thailand and overseas.
  • Act as a liaison of researchers to communicate with the Patent Office in Thailand and overseas on his or her behalf with regard to the patent application.
  • Work closely with lawyers to support them on a variety of technological, patent and IP-related issues, and with other IP administrative team in order to ensure that we provide ultimate quality service in patent protection to our clients.

Experience Required

Essential required:

  • At least a master's degree in engineering or science with major in mechanical, electrical, computer, or Information Science, Systems and Technology.
  • Possess strong communication skills in Thai and English (both written and spoken).
  • Ability to work collaboratively across functions, but also to work independently.
  • Proven ability to comfortably deal/ work with top management, and understand their languages and needs.
  • Driven, proactive, uncompromising with quality, highly organized, with great planning skills to ensure work delivery within set timelines.
  • A law degree, patent agent certificate, or previous experience in conducting prior art search and drafting patent specifications will be advantage.