The Administrator, New Business Intake will be responsible for the Firm's business intake process, that is the registration of incoming New Clients and New Matters across all Offices globally. The department assists Partners in complying with ethical and legal duties to avoid conflicts of interest and in meeting professional responsibility obligations. These objectives are accomplished through review of New Client and New Matter information submitted via the Firm’s business intake system where the team;
    i) assists in identifying possible conflicts of interest
    ii) ensures that clients accepted are appropriate for the Firm
    iii) verifies that our Standard Terms of Engagement are in place with the client
    iv) ensures compliance with Firm policies and procedures
    v) confirms that all client/matter information recorded in the Firm’s central records is accurate

Conflict management support is provided through running additional conflict checks on all parties involved in new matters upon registration, and coordinating with Partners and Offices to ensure proper conflict clearance documentation is attached to the record when possible conflicts have been identified. Due diligence research is undertaken on prospective clients and related parties to ensure client quality and integrity, and to comply with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations. Various screening resources are utilized by the team in addition to conducting extensive internet searches.


  • Provision of all aspects of support to the Firm, its Partners and offices with regard to all tasks encompassing the business intake process
  • Review all information submitted on New Business Intake Reports (NBIR) for accuracy and completeness, namely ensuring all required fields are populated, information provided is accurate and appropriate supporting documentation has been attached
  • Make sound and educated decisions regarding the existence and validity of possible conflicts of interest and clearance of identified conflicts of interest through liaison with Firm Partners and offices
  • Review Engagement or Assignment Letters for compliance with Firm and departmental guidelines and policies
  • Ensure Standard Terms of Engagement are applied to all client engagements and, where applicable, ensure exceptions to Standard Terms of Engagement are tracked and recorded accordingly
  • Conduct online investigation of prospective clients using on-line databases (such as Pacer, LexisNexis, etc.), business intelligence databases (D&B, Hoovers), Government Watch Lists (World-Check) and the Internet (Google). This research facilitates the identification of high risk and negative findings, which must be communicated to NBI Management and Risk Management
  • Determine whether the attorney has met all ethical requirements and assess the risk/cost of the potential assignment against the benefits of accepting new business. Any questions concerning the risk/cost of the potential assignment should be escalated to NBI Management, Risk Management and/or the Director, PRPC
  • Manage and distribute Firm-wide Conflict Alert Notifications
  • Provide input and support on the lateral and contract attorney hiring processes with regard to conducting background searches, due diligence, and conflict of interest analysis, reporting and clearance
  • Engage and collaborate with team members through Lean Six Sigma initiatives, presentation of ideas, and recommendations regarding best practice, continuous improvement, departmental processes, policies and procedures
  • Provide support and assistance regarding technical know-how, training and important team projects and initiatives, when required

Experience Required

The New Business Intake Administrator must have strong technical knowledge and understanding, including:

  • Ability to conduct in-depth due diligence background searches and conflict checking using conflict search tool (CST) within IntappOpen and to ensure appropriate conflict resolution and clearance is provided, where appropriate
  • An excellent working knowledge of the client/business intake system, whilst always ensuring adherence to NBI policies and procedures
  • Working knowledge of suspicious activity reporting requirements and KYC investigative techniques, regulations, investigations and affiliated technology
  • Compliance, due diligence, risk management and AML/KYC in addition to experience in or exposure to auditing, investigations and project management experience
  • Knowledge of American Bar Association (ABA) Rules
  • Knowledge of U.S. federal laws and guidelines regarding Anti-Terrorist Financing/Anti-Money Laundering laws and related laws and regulations, including OFAC regulations, U.S. Patriot Act, Bank Secrecy Act (BA), U.S. Treasury's anti-money laundering guidelines and understanding of legal ethics and professional responsibility requirements
  • Knowledge of the Firm’s policies and procedures with regard to client intake and conflicts of interest, including PRPC rules and the Firm’s Attorney Manual
  • Knowledge of Baker McKenzie’s structure and Firm operations


  • Bachelor's Degree preferred with some experience working in a legal or financial environment, preferably with a focus on client/business intake/on-boarding, conflict analysis, compliance, risk or AML/KYC
  • Knowledge of U.S. Anti-Terrorist Financing/AML/KYC and OFAC experience preferable
  • Competent computer skills (Microsoft Windows, Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint)