Leading global law firm, Baker McKenzie is pleased to announce that it has won the Client Management Innovation Award at the 2024 Law.com Legal Innovation & Technology Awards. 

The Legal Innovation Awards seek to recognise visionary thinkers, pioneers, and game-changers who are reshaping the legal industry. The awards, now in their 10th year, celebrate the crucial role of promoting innovation played by lawyers working in tandem with colleagues in other disciplines such as marketing, business development, finance, IT, project management, operations, PR and recruitment.

This award recognises the Firm’s Employment Practice, which alongside BakerML, the Firm's internal Machine Learning Practice, worked to develop a custom GenAI tool powered by Firm knowhow. The tool produces draft advice to certain high volume requests  across 45 countries, reducing turnaround time and cost and increasing consistency. The output of the tool, achieved through customised legal prompting and retrieval of knowhow data, was rigorously tested by Baker McKenzie’s lawyers with results showing 100% substantive legal accuracy. The tool is also tuned to draft the advice in a way that is not only substantively accurate, but is also tailored to the distinct style and format of advice for the particular client.

Commenting on the win, Employment Partner, Kim Sartin, said: “We’re thrilled to have been recognised in these awards and it is a real testament to the hard work and dedication of our multi-disciplinary pilot team to support our client. We knew that in order to help them achieve their goals, we needed to provide an innovative solution that would allow us to provide high-quality legal services faster and more cost effectively. We look forward to continuing to develop the tool with our Baker Machine Learning team and working with more clients to provide innovative solutions to their needs.”
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