• The guide is a support tool for those organizations in Mexico that seek their dissolution adhering to Mexican legal regulations in order to avoid risks for their founders, partners and administrators.
  • The document is prepared for informational purposes only and should not be considered as legal advice of any kind.

Baker McKenzie, Centro Mexicano Pro Bono, KPMG and Grupo Proeza launched the Legal Guide for the Dissolution of Non-Governmental Organization (NGOs). This document serves as a support tool with great value for the third sector in Mexico who contribute to the assistance of social and environmental causes in our country that wish to dissolve according to the civil code.

The guide contains information collected from the different regulations, laws and codes that regulate the actions of NGOs in Mexico, and addresses issues such as insolvency or impossibility of continuing with the purpose of NGOs that are causes or assumptions for dissolution, dissolution processes and liquidation, financial aspects, labor aspects, rules for authorized donees and obligations regarding the prevention of money laundering, as well as some statistics related to the topic.

The content of this guide was nourished by updated public information and was the result of the work of different organizations, supervised by Centro Mexicano Pro Bono, in addition to the Corporate Social Responsibility Department and the Baker McKenzie Pro Bono Committee.


*This edition is available only in Spanish.

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