Litigation is a reality for virtually every company, yet it's a topic that very few organizations want to think or talk about. Our Litigation Intelligence Tool (LIT) and the accompanying Litigation Intelligence: Ready for Anything? report make the case for focusing on litigation preparedness — offering insights into key risks and providing practical, cost-conscious steps leaders can take to prepare for the inevitable dispute.

Litigation Intelligence Tool Litigation Intelligence Report

The threat of litigation is rising for global organizations, as they navigate rapid digitalization, growing accountability on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) matters, newly empowered stakeholder voices and increasingly coordinated global enforcement efforts.

These factors have only been accelerated by Covid-19, with some companies beginning to uncover vulnerabilities arising from their response to disruption, and governments under pressure to fill holes in domestic finances. As a result, organizations are braced for a rise in complex, high-value disputes.

Against this backdrop, we set out to assess the litigation preparedness of global companies — whether they have the robust, stress-tested systems to manage heightened risk. Our research among 400 litigation, compliance and legal leaders in key global markets and sector groups indicates that readiness strategies and protocols may not be keeping up with the scale of the challenge. In-house teams report a need for more comprehensive and coordinated ways to manage evolving risks, but they are also concerned about a parallel surge in costs.

Built on this benchmarking data, LIT allows you to quickly and easily assesses your company's readiness to face the inevitable dispute. Our one-of-a-kind diagnostic tool delivers a tailored report that includes a preparedness summary, average scores compared to peers in your jurisdiction and industry sector, and several proposed actions aimed at strengthening your litigation response.