3R Model renewal

There is no return to a pre-COVID world. There is only the opportunity to build a new reality. Although what that looks like is up to you, we will help you to reimagine your business. From building new competencies to divesting and securing the assets, partnerships and infrastructure you need to transform operations. Creating safe and agile models for employees and customers. Responding to the increasing demand for responsible business practices. And working with you in futureproofing your organization against the next major disruption — whatever it may be.


Renewal Checklist

Businesses transform through clear vision and optimism — and a big dose of understanding the lessons learned. When you're ready to imagine what's next, these steps will help you succeed. Navigate by topic below or download our Renewal Checklist.

Supply Chains

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  • Brainstorm scenarios that could threaten supply chains in the future
  • Identify opportunities for the digitalization of supply chains
  • Negotiate new contracts/renegotiate existing contracts to address COVID-19 recurrence or other disruption

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Real Estate

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  • Leverage business closures to acquire low-cost real estate and leases 
  • Liaise with landlords to ensure all health and safety concerns and social distancing requirements are addressed 
  • Consider any additional safety measures (including enhanced cleaning regimes) 
  • Re-think real estate strategies in light of new ways of working 


Strategic Investments & Divestments

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  • Update due diligence protocols to assess vulnerabilities arising from COVID-19
  • Consider new valuation and risk allocation strategies 
  • Incorporate COVID-19 considerations in terms such as walk-away rights and gap covenants 
  • Review trade provisions associated with pandemic prevention and recovery  



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  • Review insurance policies to determine whether they provide the right coverage for new business models
  • Update Corporate Social Responsibility programs and to support sustainability and assist vulnerable populations

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How We Can Help

We offer integrated services at every phase of your response to COVID-19. Learn more about the Resilience and Recovery phases.

 renewal phase

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Key Contacts

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Consumer Goods & Retail: Alyssa Auberger
Energy, Mining & Infrastructure: Jose Moran
Financial Institutions: Jonathan Peddie
Healthcare & Life Sciences: Vanina Caniza
Industrials, Manufacturing & Transportation: Nikolaus Reinhuber
Technology, Media & Telecommunications: Raffaele Giarda