3R Model in full

Our Resilience, Recovery & Renewal model is helping organizations navigate the business and legal impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. While most businesses will pass through all three phases of the model, the phases themselves are non-linear and may recur or overlap, particularly for those with global operations. You may be dealing with a lockdown in one market and relaunching operations in another. Balancing the safety needs of employees and customers with changing strategic direction for the longer term. Wherever you are in your response to the pandemic, we will help you with the services and resources you need.

Visit our 3R Resource Center for real-time legal and regulatory updates. We will be tracking risks and opportunities across business functions, industries and geographies.

3R Model Resilience

Manage the immediate crisis

Your choices in a crisis can determine the long-term viability of your enterprise. Whether you are dealing with the business and legal implications of a new virus outbreak, a supply chain issue that threatens profits, or unfamiliar government regulations, we will help you identify and prioritize issues and organize your response effectively at the most critical moments.

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3R Model Recovery

Stabilize operations

The transition from emergency response to stable operations takes a careful review of options, followed by detailed execution. In contrast to previous recessions, you have more paths to liquidity than simply cutting costs — today’s technology allows you to leverage people and repurpose assets in new ways to grow your business. We will work with you to develop and test scenarios, overcome financial challenges and manage disputes that arise along the way.

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3R Model renewal

Evolve your business model

There is no return to a pre-COVID world. There is only the opportunity to build a new reality. Although what that looks like is up to you, we will help you to reimagine your business. From building new competencies to divesting and securing the assets, partnerships and infrastructure you need to transform operations. Creating safe and agile models for employees and customers. Responding to the increasing demand for responsible business practices. And working with you in futureproofing your organization against the next major disruption — whatever it may be.

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Consumer Goods & Retail: Alyssa Auberger
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Technology, Media & Telecommunications: Raffaele Giarda

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