On 14 September 2023, the European Commission published a consultation on the future shape of the SFDR (the Consultation).

This Consultation provides the market with a helpful insight into the future direction of the regime following its rather bumpy implementation period, and outlines a range of amendments that we may see implemented in the future.

Roadmap to Reform discusses the Commission’s most recent consultation on the EU Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR), which:

  • provides the market with a roadmap as to how the SFDR regime is likely to evolve;
  • considers weaknesses in the current regulatory framework; and
  • invites market views on some of the more controversial aspects of the regime.

Given the sweeping reforms that the Commission hints at in its consultation, this topic will be of interest to both EU firms and non-EU firms that have some touchpoint with the EU, whether that is through marketing funds under an NPPR regime, or using EU intermediaries to distribute financial products to end investors. 


Roadmap to Reform

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