36th Annual Asia Pacific Tax Conference banner

Navigating the Shifting Tax Landscape

Baker McKenzie's 36th Annual Asia Pacific Tax Conference on 25-26 October 2022 with the latest insights and tax developments in the Asia Pacific region.

Tax and regulatory changes are continually shifting the economic landscape and challenging businesses, which also need to harness fast-evolving technologies and the latest knowhow to obtain and maintain competitive advantages. In addition, businesses need to prepare for the potential implementation of the OECD-led Pillar One and Pillar Two initiatives, which may reshape the global tax order.

To help clients navigate the potentially huge shifts in global and local tax landscapes, Baker McKenzie lawyers across the region and globally came together to discuss and share insights with businesses seeking to understand the impact of emerging global and local issues on their models and strategies. We looked at recent trends and developments, and had open conversations about how businesses can prepare for what potentially lies ahead.

The conference also featured breakout sessions on some of the hottest tax topics and developments in 2022, including the latest developments in transfer pricing, tax controversies and the taxation of a rapidly digitalizing economy, changes to the foreign-sourced income exemption rules of Malaysia and Hong Kong, permanent establishment risks arising from a mobile workforce and the impact of US tax developments.


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