The Compliance Podcast series, conducted by Jesús Dávila in Venezuela, aims to shed light on the implications of what anti-corruption policies represent for companies in Venezuela. In the second season we will be inviting as guests various personalities from different areas (legal, journalistic, marketing, among others) that will allow us to analyze and understand the culture of compliance, under different angles and perspectives.

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Season Two

Episode 10: A Vision from Africa of Ethics and Compliance

In this Compliance podcast, Jesus Davila takes on a journey to South Africa and speaks with its managing partner, Lerisha Naidu. In their conversation, Lerisha and Jesus talk about ethics and the compliance culture in Africa and how it is necessary to create a real compliance culture in our societies.

Additionally, we talked about Lerisha's journey as a leader and example for the south African market. This is an inspiring conversation with a plethora of information.


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