Welcome to a new season of the Compliance Podcast from the Caracas office, a series conducted by the attorney Jesús Dávila and an opportunity to listen to different positions about compliance topics. This third season focuses on the concept of ESG and its various implications in modern dynamics of today's economics, not only in Venezuela, but anywhere in which our various guests live.

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Season Three

Episode 10: ESG trends in the EU that impact Latin America

In this episode, Jesus Davila speaks with London based Partner Graham Stuart to discuss current ESG trends in the EU and how would those impact clients in Latam. In this respect, Jesus and Graham talked about the newly sanctions Deforestation Regulation, as well as further regulations that are expected to come, and discussed the specific effects of these regulations in the supply chain of companies in a global market.


Episode 9: Alex Lamy - US Sanctions and Venezuela. Opportunities in the hydrocarbon and mining sectors

In this episode of the Compliance Podcast of the Caracas office, Jesus Davila talks to Baker McKenzie Washington DC partner, Alex Lamy, concerning the US sanctions system over the Venezuelan government and the latest decision regarding the suspension of the sanctions for the hydrocarbons and mining sectors. Alex brilliantly explains the implications thereof and how this could bring new opportunities for the aforementioned sectors.

Episode available in English.


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