The Global Employer Termination Handbook  

The Global Employer: Termination Handbook 2021-2022

Provides employers and human resources professionals with a comprehensive overview of the key aspects of termination labor law in the countries outlined globally.

 Global Immigration & Mobility Handbook   The Global Employer: Focus on Global Immigration and Mobility 2022

This handbook is the go-to resource for in-house counsel, human resource managers and global relocation professionals to identify key mobility issues, ranging from business immigration and employment, to compensation and tax. It provides guidance, and highlights vital information that multinational employers need to know about managing the movement of managers and professionals, trainees and business visitors from short trips to long-term assignments.

 The Global Employer Focus on US Immigration and Mobility 2021

The Global Employer: Focus on US Immigration & Mobility 2021

Whether you need information about a specific US visa type, or are looking for a high-level overview of employer obligations related to the movement of foreign nationals under US immigration and employment law, this handbook covers a wide range of topics and serves as a go-to desk-side guide for US employers.

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