The Justice in Action Sprint is a community day of action in support of legal rights through substantive pro bono projects. At the Sprint, you will have the opportunity to work on projects related to human rights, tackling division and access to justice.

All work related to the Sprint is conducted during the Sprint. Volunteers are trained at the start of the session and then divided into small teams to work on specific assignments. The volunteers wrap their work after three hours, then come together to reflect on the substantive legal work.

For any questions, please email our pro bono team.

Upcoming Justice in Action Sprints

Equity and Opportunity for Vulnerable Populations Sprint

Everyone deserves access to justice in their local communities. Sometimes, barriers to accessing justice are even greater for certain populations. No person’s membership in a group identified by gender, race, ethnicity, origin, ability or other characteristic should hinder a person’s opportunity to engage in systems of justice. We will be working on pro bono projects partnering with non-profit organizations with a mission to help vulnerable populations overcome these barriers.

APAC |16 June 2023 | 9 am - 1 pm HKT
EMEA |16 June 2023 | 11 am - 3 pm BST

Pride Justice in Action

Pride Justice in Action Banner

Continuing our tradition of putting passion into action, we will have volunteers celebrate Pride Month in the US by doing crucial pro bono work on projects benefiting LGBTQ+ youth and families. No preparation is needed, just your uninterrupted brains and focus for four hours to benefit those who need your help to provide equal and equitable access to justice.

Americas | 29 June 2023 | 11 am - 3 pm CDT

Community Justice in Action

Since the program's inception in 2021, Baker McKenzie has hosted 20 community sprints across the globe, bringing together 1000+ pro bono volunteers who have helped accomplish incredibly important work such as the creation of Real Rights: A City-By-City Guide for Youth Interacting with Police.

Americas | 23 October 2023 | 11 am - 3 pm CDT
EMEA | 25 October 2023 | 1 - 5 pm BST
APAC | 26 October 2023 | 1 - 5 pm HKT

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Justice in Action?

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"Justice in Action" is our name for a legal sprint - a short set of hours where volunteers work together on pro bono projects - virtually - just as they might at a live clinic. The term "sprint" just means that the event will be short and full of content. When the time is up, each volunteer's commitment is complete, even if they are not finished. We will pick up the remaining work at the next event!

What projects will be offered at these Justice in Action sprints?

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The virtual format and collection of many volunteers at one time allows us to do more than one project at each sprint. The projects we are working on in the sprints are not direct representation, but rather focused on research and analysis to create capacity-building tools for vulnerable populations and others who need to understand the law.

Is CLE credit offered?

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CLE credit is usually available for the substantive training (1.0 hour).

How is Justice in Action being conducted virtually?

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Participants work together using Zoom as a communication tool and Miro boards as a working collaboration tool. A Miro board is an online whiteboard that allows everyone to work on the same platform at the same time seeing each other's work. Everyone works on the same board during the sprint and all the materials and work product is on that board. It is easy to get a free account at

Who can attend the Justice in Action sprints?

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All are welcome! Justice in Action is open to in-house lawyers and professionals - no experience or legal expertise is needed. Projects will cover multiple jurisdictions - folks can come from anywhere to join this virtual event.

Do participants have to stay for the entire Justice in Action session?

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Given the nature of the work to be completed, we ask all participants to stay for the duration. Every participant is an essential part of each project team!

Do participants need any experience, pre-work or training in advance?

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No. The first hour of the session will include training on the project and on the online platform we use to input the legal research findings (Miro). Volunteers need not do anything in advance of the Justice in Action session to prepare! We have run Justice in Action upwards of 50+ times and our participants consistently feel fully prepared when they complete the training!

Will participants be working in a group or alone?

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Everyone will work in teams. If you are coming with colleagues, please note on the Zoom registration that you are participating as a team with your colleagues and note the name of your company or individuals with whom you'd like to work. If you are coming solo or are happy to work with other organizations, please note on the Zoom registration that you are participating as an individual and we will gladly team you up with other participants.

What do participants do when the Justice in Action session is over?

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You are done! If your group did not finish your assigned section, others will complete it after the sprint. If you want to continue working on the project on your own time, we welcome that and can make arrangements with volunteers individually by email after the session.


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