Baker McKenzie Link (Link) is the premium online legal knowledge and training solution from Baker McKenzie. Link's suite of online multijurisdictional resources and compliance e-learning help organizations to avoid risk when navigating increasingly complex business environments.

All content is authored by Baker McKenzie specialist lawyers and select contributing firm lawyers across the world.

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Putting compliance first

Having a solid compliance program in place, including comprehensive training, is an essential part of an organization’s risk management strategy, and is often a requirement to meet regulatory standards.

Baker McKenzie Link has significant experience in working with multinationals to construct and roll out global compliance training programs that ensure awareness of essential compliance regulations and influence behavioral change in employees globally.

The flexible e-learning programs include comprehensive testing, certification and reporting options, and can be customized to meet the specific training objectives of individual organizations.

Baker McKenzie Link stands apart in the quality of its online training content and customer service levels. The impact of the training was quite impressive.
ADAMA Agricultural Solutions

If e-learning content is not masterfully designed, all the rest will be irrelevant. In this respect we at Beckers found an excellent partner who reflected our business needs entirely delivering consistently to meet our expectations.
Beckers Group

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All programs are written and regularly updated by Baker McKenzie lawyers*, actively practicing in the specific topic covered. This ensures both quality and relevance of the content, which is made engaging and optimized for learning by a team of dedicated specialists.

Data Privacy (GDPR)

This program covers data privacy issues from a global perspective with particular focus on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Available in 8 languages.

Competition & Antitrust Law

Available in 24 languages, this program covers global, regional and local competition & antitrust laws. Program can be generic or industry-specific across 6 different sectors.


Anti-Corruption / Anti-Bribery

This program covers a broad range of anti-corruption and anti-bribery issues from global, regional and local perspectives, and is currently available in 12 languages. Program can be generic or industry-specific across 6 different sectors.


Code of Conduct / Code of Ethics

Available in 11 languages, this program provides effective training in company ethics and compliant conduct, and may be customized according to specific internal company guidelines.


EU / US Export Controls & Sanctions

Each of these three region-specific programs cover export control(s) & (trade) sanctions regulations from global, EU & US, including those with extraterritorial application. EU program is available in 4 languages and can be generic or industry-specific across 3 sectors.


Anti-money Laundering

This program covers key anti-money laundering and counter terrorist financing issues from global, regional and local perspectives.


Intellectual Property

Available in 3 languages, this program covers highly relevant types of intellectual property, including protecting intellectual property rights from infringement and regional or global issues.

US Import Transactions: *NEW*

This program provides practical guidance for understanding and conducting import transactions when importing goods into the US. It addresses the legal and contractual frameworks involved and provides practical tips for negotiating agreements suited to your organization’s needs – including minimizing commercial and legal risk.”

*Excluding US Import Transactions

How does it work

Our specialists work with you to tailor the relevant e-learning programs to meet your specific compliance training objectives. You may prefer Baker McKenzie Link to manage the hosting, administration and reporting of your e-learning or choose a content only option to manage internally.

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Building cross-border fluency

The online legal knowledge resources from Baker McKenzie Link enable institutions to deliver more definitive solutions to clients through a better understanding of these key concerns in relevant jurisdictions. These include compliance, jurisdictional characterization of entities, personal and asset mobility, and taxes.

Our team of Baker McKenzie and select contributing firm lawyers provides consistent, understandable and reliable coverage of relevant legal, tax and regulatory information. This allows wealth management professionals to cost-effectively increase cross-border fluency, and deliver better service, leading to higher client acquisition and retention.

We think that the resources have the best combination of coverage and quality. The information provided is valuable. This makes it an effective and time-saving tool allowing us to get into client meetings well prepared and armed with the most current tax and legal information relating to carefully selected jurisdictions.
ATU Allgemeines Treuunternehmen

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Directly accessible online, content may be easily browsed or dynamically filtered per topic and jurisdiction for quick access to relevant information. Content may also be selected for side-by-side comparison across jurisdictions.

Private Banking

Practical tool for optimizing excellence in client wealth planning / relationship management in respect of multi-jurisdictional investment and international succession planning. Access the Private Banking Online resource.

TEP Optimizer

This resource supports efficient assessment and comparison of the tax implications of individual and indirect investment across a range of asset categories.


Wealth Management E-learning

A suite of mobile-responsive wealth management e-learning that cover important topics such as Features and Uses of a Trust and Family Foundations. 


Financial Products Distribution

Comprehensive and practical cross-border compliance tool, allowing financial institutions to navigate the increasing regulation of cross-border retail financial services marketing and distribution activities.

How does it work

    Depending on specific requirements, your subscription package can include access to one or multiple resources. These may be customized depending on the individual user or organization.

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Tax insight for specialists

Baker McKenzie Link offers a selection of specialist tax resources to support specialists in optimizing operations and compliance in the following areas.

  • Value Added Tax (VAT) / Invoicing Requirements
  • Software Tax Characterization

The content in both resources is authored and regularly updated by specialist Baker McKenzie and contributing firm lawyers who specialize in the subject matters covered.

VAT / Invoicing Requirements

The VAT / Invoicing Requirements resource is aimed at facilitating invoicing compliance and VAT planning for buyers and sellers of goods subject to VAT and other indirect taxes.

How invoices are prepared and processed can affect a company's ability to avoid the imposition of expensive VAT (compliance) costs such as irrecoverable VAT and / or penalties.


Software Tax Characterization

The Software Tax Characterization resource supports compliance in tax planning related to the international distribution and sale of software.

Characterizing foreign source software revenues is a challenge for large and small software firms alike. An effective understanding of the current rules and practices concerning the various forms of software revenue reduces the risks associated with withholding, including back taxes, penalties and interest, disallowed tax credits, and damaged customer relationships.

This resource supports minimizing mischaracterization risk and optimizes understanding of key software tax characterization issues across more than 40 countries. The resource also highlights the degree of audit activity by country regulators and availability (or not) of tax rulings from country authorities, which is relevant when assessing risk.

The resource helps make a solid foundation for business decisions when;

  • Entering new markets or launching new products;
  • Changing the distribution model in a country;
  • Investigating withholding tax regulations or seeking a refund;
  • Assessing whether a tax ruling can be obtained;
  • Preparing financial budgets and estimate future tax liabilities

How does it work

To learn more, book a demonstration or try the resources for free, contact us via email

Global Equity Resource

Provides instant access to regularly updated information on relevant tax and non-tax issues related to global share plan management.

Simplifying a complex world

Rolling out and maintaining employee share plans internationally can be a challenge due to the wide range of complex tax and legal issues that may apply in the various jurisdictions of relevance to a given share plan.

The Global Equity resource from Baker McKenzie Link facilitates an otherwise complicated challenge by providing instant access to regularly updated information on relevant tax and non-tax issues related to global share plan management.

Information is structured in a way that enables a holistic view of a particular share plan scenario, ensuring compliance in a rapidly changing environment and saving time and budget when managing share plans across multiple jurisdictions.

The content

The Global Equity resource is authored and regularly updated by specialist Baker McKenzie and contributing firm lawyers active in share plan and employee compensation issues.

The resource examines the range of topics of focus across the covered share plans in more than 60 jurisdictions.

The information is primarily structured as a set of practical checklists, containing Q&A’s designed to summarize tax and other legal and compliance issues in each jurisdiction.

Share plan types currently covered are stock option plans; employee stock purchase plans; and restricted stock / restricted stock unit plans, as well as performance shares, across all Q&A checklists.

Typical questions answered

  1. Employee Taxation
    What are the income tax and social insurance consequences for rolling out substantially the same share plan internationally?
    How do the tax consequences differ for mobile employees?
  2. Employer Taxation
    Can corporation tax deductions be maximized, costs be recharged to subsidiaries abroad, and imputed receipts under transfer pricing rules be minimized?
  3. Exchange Controls
    Are cross-border remittances of funds under the share plan restricted?
    Must employees repatriate proceeds from the sale of shares?
  4. Securities Laws
    Which jurisdictions have registration and/or prospectus requirements?
    Are there any exemptions from the registration / prospectus rules?
    What is the timing and nature of any necessary filings?
  5. Labor Law
    Will the share award be considered an entitlement or vested right?
    Which discrimination laws affect operation of the share plan?
    Is employee consent required when amending or changing the plan?
  6. Data Privacy
    What measures need to be taken with respect to personal data collected, processed, stored and transferred under the share plan?

How does it work

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