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Finding Balance: The Post-COVID Landscape for Financial Institutions

This series of briefings seeks to map the post-pandemic environment that financial institutions need to navigate as we move to the new normal.
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The financial sector is being transformed by the mega-trends of ESG concerns and new technology that have received added increased impetus from the COVID-19 crisis. Financial institutions must adapt their business models in response to the resulting new competitive, regulatory and societal demands now placed upon them. At the same time, the move to increasing regulatory scrutiny seen since the global financial crisis of 2008 continues unabated with the role played by international standard setting bodies growing in importance. Meanwhile, more lightly regulated non-bank financial intermediaries continue to increase their share of credit markets and equity investments.

We provide financial institutions with sector-specific, pragmatic advice on licensing and supervisory regulation, tax structuring, M&A and joint ventures, intellectual property protection, technology, outsourcing, real estate portfolio management, global and local employment, pensions, compliance and investigations, financial crime and dispute resolution. Our deep roots in all major financial centers and extensive coverage of other markets in Asia, EMEA and the Americas enable us to provide a global, integrated and cost-effective service.

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Episode 26: UK Fintech Week 2022: State of the Fintech Nation

In this episode of FInsight, London partners Sue McLean, Mark Simpson, and David Hart talk about UK Fintech Week 2022. They cover the biggest trends and developments around Fintech in the UK, with special focus on the expected topics throughout the event. The episode takes a closer look at the investment landscape (including the UK's position as a fintech hub, active investors and top sub-sectors) and the current and expected regulatory developments that fintech players need to watch out for.

Episode 25: Sovereigns Series - Compliance in a Changing Landscape

In this episode of FInsight and part of the on-going Sovereigns Series: Worlds in Motion, Pete Chapman and Lucy Shawdon from our Compliance and Investigations team in London take a look at compliance in a changing landscape, specifically in the context of sovereign wealth funds (SWFs). The episode goes through current developments, emerging trends, risks, and other important items that sovereign wealth funds need to consider, as we move to the post-pandemic economy. It also covers topics around due diligence and risk management, focusing on geographic, sectoral, litigation, reputational and regulatory risks.

Episode 24: The Year Ahead: Financial Institutions Trends in the Global Disputes Landscape

Baker McKenzie's fifth annual report, The Year Ahead: Global Disputes Forecast 2022, addresses key trends in the evolving disputes landscape. The report includes a new survey of 600 senior legal and risk leaders from large companies across the world.

Amy Greer, a partner from our New York office and co-chair of our North America Financial Regulation and Enforcement practice, Marc Thorley, a partner from our Dispute Resolution practice in London, and Carolina Duque, a partner from our Bogota office, talk about the key findings relevant for financial institutions. The episode examines the factors driving the increase in disputes and emerging concerns related to liabilities. It also covers litigation around digital transformation, tax, 'business-as-usual' conduct, and new environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards.

Episode 23: Financial Institutions Takeaways from the 2021/2022 Digital Transformation and Cloud Survey

In the latest iteration of our Digital Transformation and Cloud Survey, financial institutions (FIs) identify cost reduction and increased security as top benefits from investment in cloud computing. Conversely, data privacy and cybersecurity issues are identified as top concerns.

In this episode, Carolina Duque, a partner from our Bogota office talk to Alessandro Celli, a partner from our Zurich office and global fintech lead and Peter R. George, a partner from our Chicago office who is familiar with the history of the survey and has seen key developments for FIs over the years. They go through the recent findings relevant to FIs and discuss associated risks and vulnerabilities that respondents highlighted. They also cover cyber liability insurance, investment in private cloud offerings, data privacy, cybersecurity, and future challenges that FIs should prepare for.