3R Model Recovery

The transition from emergency response to stable operations takes a careful review of options, followed by detailed execution. In contrast to previous recessions, you have more paths to liquidity than simply cutting costs — today’s technology allows you to leverage people and repurpose assets in new ways to grow your business. We will work with you to develop and test scenarios, overcome financial challenges and manage disputes that arise along the way.


Recovery Checklist

In the recovery period, your business has weathered the initial upheaval. Gains during this time are real but fragile — beware of aftershocks that can cause further damage. Taking these actions can help you recover. Navigate by topic below or download our Recovery Checklist.

Workforce Strategies

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  • Track jurisdictional approaches to reopening
  • Evaluate phased and/or partial re-opening options considering location, sector, business type and size, the health status of workers, and specific employee concerns
  • Plan for reduced numbers of on-site employees, distancing requirements and continued remote work
  • Make necessary physical changes to protect returning employees
  • Update employee manuals and training for safety compliance
  • Evaluate policies for long-term remote work employees
  • If carrying out checks or obtaining additional health related information from employees, address data protection compliance

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Liquidity Solutions

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  • Review medium-term financing maturities and likelihood of refinancing
  • Negotiate new or amended financing arrangements
  • Consider asset sales or stock sales 
  • Consider consolidation and how to perform due diligence, remote document signing, regulatory approvals, integration, recourse to struggling sellers, need for additional warranties to cover COVID-19 risks
  • Consider debt/equity swaps or issuance of debt or equity

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Restructuring & Insolvency

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  • Meet with committees
  • Prepare and file reorganization plan
  • Manage hearings and litigation


Supply Chains

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  • Consider diversifying supply chains and preemptively qualifying alternative suppliers 
  • Explore potential new manufacturing locations
  • Negotiate new contracts/renegotiate existing contracts to protect against COVID-19 recurrence or other disruption

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Real Estate

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  • Leverage business closures to acquire low-cost real estate and leases 
  • Liaise with landlords to ensure all health and safety concerns and social distancing requirements are addressed 
  • Consider any additional safety measures (including enhanced cleaning regimes)  

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Strategic Investments & Divestments

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  • Update due diligence strategies to assess vulnerabilities arising from COVID-19
  • Consider new valuation and risk allocation strategies 
  • Incorporate COVID-19 considerations in terms such as walk-away rights and gap covenants 
  • Review trade provisions associated with pandemic prevention and recovery

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  • Evaluate need to resume in-person board and shareholder meetings
  • Prepare any required disclosures arising from COVID-19

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How We Can Help

We offer integrated services at every phase of your response to COVID-19. Learn more about the Resilience and Renewal phases.

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Key Contacts

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Consumer Goods & Retail: Alyssa Auberger
Energy, Mining & Infrastructure: Jose Moran
Financial Institutions: Jonathan Peddie
Healthcare & Life Sciences: Vanina Caniza
Industrials, Manufacturing & Transportation: Nikolaus Reinhuber
Technology, Media & Telecommunications: Raffaele Giarda