Inclusion and diversity (I&D) remains at the forefront of conversation and consciousness — in our communities, in the media, and in our workplaces. At Baker McKenzie we continue to encourage and embed inclusive practices to strengthen our culture of respect, engagement and belonging, where all of our diversity is recognised. Movements such as #MeToo and Black Lives Matter and the impact of COVID-19 act as stark reminders of the challenges faced by employees inside and outside the workplace and underscore the importance of listening to each other. More than ever, organisational culture is under the microscope, with I&D front of mind.

Many of our clients and colleagues joined our Inclusion & Diversity 2021 Virtual Series where we explored, challenged and celebrated the many aspects of inclusion and diversity through the power of personal stories. We are excited to continue this important conversation with our Inclusion & Diversity 2022 Virtual Series

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Measure What You Treasure
Thursday, 17 March 2022
The first step in any organisation’s approach to remedying actual or perceived underrepresentation is ensuring that accurate data exists. But there are traps for the unwary in the form of data privacy laws, and what do you do with the data when you have it? The first session in our 2022 series addressed the importance of data in your I&D strategy, how to get hold of it, and what to do with it when you have it.



Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable
Wednesday, 27 April 2022
In this session we explored what active inclusive leadership and allyship looks like in practice and why both are critical to driving organisational cultural change. Our panellists share their personal experiences and consider how meaningful change requires us all - organisationally and personally - to push boundaries and step into the unknown.



How to Build Trust So That a Work Environment Feels Safe
Thursday, 26 May 2022
What makes a work environment safe enough to be who you really are and perform at your best? How do leaders create an environment that supports high performing teams and encourages participation and diversity of thought and action? How do we have courageous conversations that challenge current practices? This session explores how leaders should be equipped to understand their role in removing barriers and harnessing the individuality of their teams, whilst championing positive change through inclusive practices, processes and shared learning.



Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack
Wednesday, 7 September 2022
Over recent years, we have heard the term 'privilege' and whilst we have grappled with its meaning, we have also recognised our own levels of privilege. Or have we? Do you understand and acknowledge your privilege and that of those around you? In this session, we discuss the dynamics of how power and influence can be used positively, and explore how to detoxify and build a greater self-awareness of the various levels of privilege.



Building a Sense of Belonging 
Thursday, 13 October 2022
Against the backdrop of the 'Great Resignation' and changing work patterns, building an inclusive organisational culture has never been more important. Through this panel we explore identity covering - a sociological term which is used to describe how marginalised groups mask certain aspects of their identity in the hope it may aid them in 'fitting' into the workplace. Our panellists discuss practical steps adopted to minimise its effect and their perspectives on developing a true sense of belonging at work.



Showcasing the Value of Diversity Innovation
Tuesday, 29 November 2022
Baker McKenzie believes diversity unlocks innovation and drives market growth. Our key commitment is to create work environments that embody and embrace the power of differences. Our final session of 2022 explores the initiatives created by our people, for our people and clients, supporting retention, removing barriers and promoting engagement. We explore the success of some of our initiatives including Return-ity which supports our staff and clients as they return from parental leave; Talent Incubator where we collaborate with clients to build pitching skills for ethnically diverse talent; and our cross border Mentoring Circles supporting our talent across gender, ethnicity and social mobility.

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