Cybersecurity threats and risks are increasing each day and companies are extremely cognizant of the critical issues involved - from making sure that company data complies with vigorous and ever-changing regulations, to dealing with cyber threats, breaches and ransomware attacks.

In our Future of Disputes virtual program, former Manhattan District Attorney and Global Chair of Baker McKenzie's Cybersecurity Practice, Cyrus Vance, Jr. led a discussion with Baker McKenzie practitioners in North America discussing the life cycle of a cyber-attack, including cyber insurance, privacy notification obligations, investigations, and post-event litigation. The program also addressed:

  1. Key local, national and international cybersecurity trends, including what's on the horizon with ransomware.

  2. Changes to the regulatory and enforcement landscape, including the role of CISA given the new federal requirements for reporting cyber and ransomware matters.

  3. Data protection trends in the US and abroad.

  4. The importance of public/private partnerships in creating measurable solutions to decrease cyber risk.


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