After a period of slowdown due to increased interest rates and macroeconomic uncertainty, private equity firms are adapting their approach, strengthening and leveraging their internal skill sets, and focusing on value creation within their tech portfolios.

In this keynote interview, our Partner Eric Schwartzman, shares guidance on how the current exit environment is creating a streamlined approach to driving growth within tech portfolios, by redefining their business models, driving innovation and optimizing their resources.

Key Talking Points:

  • Tech innovation and enhancement are paramount to creating better products and services that will position their businesses to meet pent-up demand as the market improves.

  • Add-on acquisitions can be important parts of value creation strategies but they can carry challenges that range from antitrust issues to IT integration that need to be carefully managed.

  • Embracing the global stage by building multijurisdictional platforms can drive value if sponsors appreciate the nuances of multiple regulatory regimes, privacy laws, employment regulation and other potential pitfalls.

  • In addition to helping portfolio companies become more efficient, AI has the potential to drive growth for PE firms when employed internally.

  • Industry expertise and specialization play important roles in tech value creation.

  • The use of technology across the entire business landscape and the pivotal role it plays in to creating value across all sectors.

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