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Preparing for the Future in an Era of Tax Changes

A global tax rewrite is underway with continued progress made on Pillars 1 and 2 and other OECD-led initiatives. Significant changes to tax rules are occurring as jurisdictions across the region announce policy reforms to protect their taxing rights, as well as to adhere to international tax standards.

Asia Pacific tax authorities are actively seeking to reduce tax leakages, non-compliance, and what they perceive to be tax avoidance activities. To help you position your business for success in an era of ever-changing tax rules and intense scrutiny, our subject matter experts from across the region and globally will come together to examine key developments. We will discuss the impact of emerging trends and current issues on your business models and strategies, sharing practical tips on how you can maximize opportunities to achieve the best risk mitigation outcomes.

We will also be bringing you a series of breakout sessions on key tax topics and developments in 2023, including significant developments in transfer pricing, tax controversies and indirect taxes, China tax updates, the impact of US tax developments and the implementation of the global minimum tax in Asia Pacific.


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