Looking to the year ahead, we commissioned a survey of 600 senior lawyers across the globe and uncovered that corporations expect more disputes this year, driven by economic uncertainty, global trade shifts and altered business models.

Disputes around cybersecurity/data and ESG rank as emerging risk areas, while tax and employment disputes remain a constant consideration for organizations.

To help stay abreast of emerging challenges and prepare to navigate the changing disputes landscape, join our experts across the globe in a series of webinars as they unpack findings from our latest report, The Year Ahead: Global Disputes Forecast 2023and uncover a practical, actionable way forward.

The Year Ahead: Global Disputes Forecast 2023
Uncertainty is the new certainty, as the economic cycle has replaced Covid-19 as the main driver of disputes. Our sixth annual report uncovers the implications these changes have for the global disputes landscape: drawing on insights from more than 600 senior lawyers at large corporations across the globe.
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