The global business community is more interconnected than ever before. Opportunities and risks spill across different markets, sectors and areas of law, so a connected perspective is essential in delivering business objectives while mitigating risk. Our integrated client solutions provide seamless advice, underpinned by deep practice and sector expertise, as well as first-rate local market knowledge. Armed with Baker McKenzie insight and foresight, business leaders can feel confident in driving growth that is both sustainable – and inclusive.

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supply chains

Supply chain vulnerabilities have been widely exposed in the face of the global pandemic and geopolitical volatility. In response, business leaders are seeking to diversify their networks while maintaining efficiency, embracing innovative technologies and staying abreast of new ESG standards. In the face of these challenging legal and operational interdependencies, a holistic approach is imperative to strengthen and transform supply chains for the future.

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digital transformation

Ongoing digital transformation is key to success for organizations in all sectors. It can take many guises – from leveraging particular technologies, to improving a specific function or even overhauling entire business models. Successful transformation requires the right insight to identify legal risks and opportunities and cut through the tech hype. And it requires the right foresight – to anticipate and navigate changes to the complex regulatory environment.

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strategic transactions

Strategic transactions capitalize on opportunity while minimizing risk. In an increasingly complex and quickly evolving landscape, success hinges on the right combination of global and local expertise, to allow dealmakers to tackle legal and commercial issues before they arise. The right knowhow and an innovative mind-set drives seamless and efficient cross-border transactions – and delivers value throughout the deal cycle and beyond.

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Flexibility is currency in the new working world. Organizations and employees alike are eager to capitalize on the opportunities offered by technological advancement and the paradigm shifts in working culture. Embracing new ways of working means managing uncertainty – with questions arising in complex areas of employment, tax, data, compliance and IP law. Formulating the right answers to those questions can protect businesses from challenge by authorities, employees and other stakeholders – while allowing them to build a flexible future for their organization.

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Sustainability is a prominent consideration for investors, employees, customers and stakeholders.  Organizations are at different stages of their journeys, from identifying risks, to establishing and evolving sustainable practices, to making pivotal investments and complying with changing regulation.

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energy transition

The transition to a carbon-neutral economy will leave no sector untouched. The urgent strategic, operational and reputational challenges are considerable, but so are the opportunities for growth. With the right guidance, energy producers, investors and users can harness the power of transformation.

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Reinvent by Baker McKenzie
Reinvent is Baker McKenzie's innovation program. It brings together all our change initiatives in support of better client outcomes. Reinvent captures our commitment to apply clever solutions to meet our clients' challenges and most strategic goals – the people, process and technology that can accelerate change and deliver speed, accuracy, flexibility and efficiency gains.
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