Our Dispute Resolution lawyers combine local knowledge with insight into the nuances of commercial transactions to design strategies that help clients minimize exposure to costly and time-consuming litigation. Our preventative services include:

Risk Management Through the Life Cycle - A key to avoiding disputes related to major transactions, projects and products is having a contract management system that assesses whether a relationship is working properly and resolving issues before they escalate. We guide clients through this process by:

  • Taking sufficient care at tender stage, research & development stage and contract drafting, including selecting the appropriate dispute resolution clause
  • Making sure clients understand the deal
  • Developing rigorous contract and operations management
  • Conducting regular health checks 
  • Protecting client interests if the relationship breaks down

Early Case Assessment and Pre-Dispute Negotiations - When a potential dispute arises, we look at the case from all angles and consider the commercial aspects of the situation to help clients determine whether to negotiate a settlement or escalate the dispute. If pursuing a settlement is the best way forward, we represent clients in negotiating an optimum outcome. 
Crisis Management and Reputational Risk - Skillfully managing PR crises that arise out of disputes is crucial to protecting a company's reputation, particularly in this age of social media. We have significant experience helping clients navigate these issues, including defamation. We understand the relevant laws and have close relationships with PR firms that enable us to provide clients with comprehensive service.