The Enterprise Data Quality Architect will coordinate, consolidate and oversee mitigation of all data quality issues in the organization.
  • Design, Create, Structure and Lead the Enterprise Data Quality Function
  • Develop a deep understanding of Firm's data sources, data maintenance processes and data models
  • Consolidate all data quality operations under a single umbrella and service line
  • Field data quality certification and improvement requests from stakeholders
  • Develop symbiotic relationships with firm's data custodians and process owners
  • Define Enterprise Data Quality Standards and Guidelines
  • Create standard Data Quality checklists that can be used to measure data quality gaps and configure data quality measurement tools/technologies
  • Train, lead and support Data Quality engineers to help identify, quantify and report on data quality issues
  • Train, lead and support a group of Data Guardians to help data custodians mitigate data quality issues at scale using manual processes and tools.
  • Architect, Design and Maintain Data Quality Dashboards
  • Create a set of data quality certification standards and implement a process to certify various data sets and maintain/improve certification levels
  • Help describe data quality issues in business terms
  • Coordinate with data custodians and process owners to fix data quality issues
  • Report to Enterprise Data Governance Board or authorized representatives the status and progress related to data quality and mitigation of issues 
  • Ensure common understanding and maintenance of Business Rules surrounding firm's data.
  • Provide guidance on projects and initiatives to interpret and develop business rules and alignment and assurance of data quality targets
  • Evangelize, promote and market to improve utilization of Data Quality Services developed as part of the function
  • Provide input into developing overall management and governance standards and policies to ensure the accuracy, protection and quality of data and to promote a data quality discipline throughout the Firm
Skills and Experience:
  • Strong experience in data architecture, data modelling, data warehousing and database design. Some experience in a leadership role
  • Degree in computer science (Degree in Statistics, Mathematics would be highly regarded)
  • Significant knowledge and experience in data warehousing, data-mining, ETL tools
  • Experience in developing complete data models in a manner that is understandable to a non-technical audience
  • Broad and deep understanding of the Firm, how we operate, how we interact with our clients and our internal business processes
Communication and management skills
  • Outstanding communication and presentation skills able to engage with stakeholders at all levels
  • Experience in supervising and mentoring a team of architects and engineers
  • Capable of working independently and in a geographically and culturally diverse team
  • A critical, analytical, exception finding, hacker mindset
  • Process oriented, structured, operation building focus