The Enterprise Data Architect will develop a detailed knowledge of the Firms data environment, and contribute to the implementation of the target data architecture. The role will focus on developing logical and physical data models aligned to the architecture vision, principles and the needs of the Firm.
Data architecture development
  • Support the development of the current and target data architectures
  • Applying structured data architecture methodologies and modelling techniques to determine the current state of the Firm's data and meta-data and to define how data should be stored, processed, transferred, protected, accessed and manipulated to achieve the desired target state
  • Provide guidance on projects and initiatives to interpret business information requirements and develop logical and physical models aligned to the architecture vision, principles and standards
  • Manage an inventory of the Firm's data and develop models and techniques to promote visibility and accessibility of data in line the requirements of the Firm
  • Ensure a comprehensive understanding and develop models of data flows between applications and application components and the associated data transformations that occur
  • Work with the business enterprise architects to understand business information needs and translating those needs into actionable work packages 
  • Develop scalable data architectures considering the big data requirements of the Firm, the needs of BI systems, and operational requirements for data warehousing 
Data management and standards
  • Responsible for the maintenance of data management standards, data governance practices, meta-data management, data naming conventions and business vocabulary, and external supplier/vendor policies
  • Provide input into developing management and governance standards and policies to ensure the accuracy, protection and quality of data and to promote a data quality discipline throughout the Firm
  • Ensure technical requirements for scalability, security, recovery and reliability of database architectures are in place
  • Engage in thought leadership in advanced data techniques including data mining, big data management, discovery, data structures, modelling, design and visualization of data 
  • Continuously research and propose new opportunities for data acquisition and evaluate new data management technologies
  • Understand and ensure that the unique regulatory and compliance requirements across the Firm are addressed
  • Develop and document reference data, master data, meta-data governance policies and standards 
  • Advise and guide projects in alignment to the Firm's strategy and the architecture vision
  • Provide input into measures, metrics and controls to ensure accuracy, quality and accessibility of data
  • Populating the architecture repository with developed data architecture artefacts
Skills and Experience:
  • Strong experience in data architecture, data modelling, data warehousing and database design
  • Degree in computer science (Degree in Statistics, Mathematics would be highly regarded)
  • Significant knowledge and experience in data warehousing, SQL databases, data-mining, ETL tools
  • Knowledge of SAP data structure is preferred
  • Experience in developing and managing logical and physical data models
  • Experience in developing complete data models in a manner that is understandable to a non-technical audience
  • Broad and deep understanding of the Firm, how we operate, how we interact with our clients and our internal business processes
  • Certification in an enterprise architecture framework will be highly regarded
  • Communication and management skills
  • Outstanding communication and presentation skills able to engage with stakeholders at all levels
  • Experience in supervising and mentoring a team of business architects
  • Capable of working independently and in a geographically and culturally diverse team