Role purpose

To be part of a team that act as the gatekeepers for reviewing any and all technical changes to the Firms IT infrastructure and/or systems.

Members of this team will work closely with the business and IT teams; to manage updates to hardware, software and data, by assessing business risk, the financial implications and the effect of the change on business activities.

Working with personnel in the Global Technology Team, this person will need to work methodically, following established policies to process and track technical changes, and ensure affected personnel receive any necessary notification.


  • Log and prioritize requests for changes (RFCs).
  • Schedule all RFCs for a Change Advisory Board (CAB) meeting, issuing an agenda and ensuring all supporting documentation has been gathered and shared.
  • Decides which CAB members will come to which meetings, and who is assigned to which RFC (depending on the nature of the RFC).
  • Maintains balanced and complete membership of the CAB, ensures members are aware of their responsibilities and holds them accountable for their contribution to the body.
  • Convenes urgent CAB or ECAB (Emergency CAB) meetings for all urgent RFCs.
  • Chairs CAB and ECAB meetings.
  • Authorizes acceptable changes, either alone or after a CAB or ECAB has taken place.
  • Convenes the Readiness Meeting.
  • Issues change schedules.
  • Liaises with all necessary parties to coordinate change building, testing and implementation, in accordance with schedules.
  • Updates the change log with progress including any actions to correct problems, and/or taking opportunities to improve quality.
  • Reviews all implemented changes to ensure that they have met their objectives; refers back any that have been backed out or that failed.
  • Reviews requirements and creates Standard Change templates.
  • Reviews and follows-up on all outstanding RFCs.
  • Analyses change records to determine any trends
  • Produces regular management reports and works closely with the CMDB Team to ensure that approved and successful changes to configuration items (CI) within the configuration management database (CMDB) are captured.
  • All other duties assigned by Manager.
  • This is a global role requiring regular work outside normal business hours to communicate with people in multiple time zones.

Experience Required

  • Knowledge of ITIL process and workplace technology.
  • Experience of change management, incident management, and problem management.
  • Ability to chair meetings with a cross section of the IT and business community (including customers, from time to time) and lead those meetings regardless of the experience and seniority of the attendees.
  • Strong analytic and decision making abilities, maintains focus on the process, with an aptitude for assessing prioritization of work according to a range of competing factors.
  • Minimum Education / Experience.
  • Bachelor’s degree information systems, business management, or a related field or equivalent work experience.
  • Experience and knowledge of change management principles and methodologies is highly desirable.
  • Experience in a legal environment is highly desirable.
  • Experience working for a partnership is highly desirable.
  • Global thinking and experience is preferred.