The Pitch Delivery Studio Coordinator, Global Client Pursuits (GCP) will support with hands-on proposal experience, the development of the Firm's complex cross-border, high-value/ high-growth proposal opportunities. The role holder will provide support to the pitch expert team that will delegate work to them, and offer guidance, instructions, and constructive feedback throughout the pitch lifecycle, in collaboration with the regional Studio Lead.
As part of their role, the role holder will be assigned to a proposal and act as a dedicated member of the pitch team tasked with developing the opportunity. They will prepare first draft proposals based on the pitch lead's brief and offer continuous support throughout the pitch life-cycle. The Coordinator is expected to perform all job duties with a commitment to providing superior services to our clients, producing work products of the highest quality, and fostering an atmosphere of teamwork. 
Additionally, they will contribute to the team's pitch enablement strategy, which includes supporting the Delivery Studio and expert team in maintaining centralized pitch content, tools, templates, trackers, technology, and training to enable firm-wide pitch delivery by BD teams and lawyers. They will also be responsible for GCP's Intake and workflow management processes regularly to acknowledge, assess, and assign all incoming requests for pitch and proposal support (i.e., administration of pitch assessments, and assignments, monitoring progress of cases in ServiceNow and creating/updating relevant pitch records in Firm trackers, and data research tools).
The Coordinator is principally responsible for these key areas of the bid process: (1) proposal support, (2) intake support, (3) research and reporting; (4) pitch enablement
1. Proposal support:  
  • Prepare first draft proposals based on the pitch lead's brief including gathering relevant content from Firm tools and precedents, the external website, sourcing and editing CVs, Firm experience searches, and preliminary selection, rate cards, formatting tasks (e.g., request image searches, cleaning of documents)
  • Develop presentation materials, including placemats for GCP-led pitches and pursuits
  • Coordinate and organize input from multiple offices (e.g., outreach re CVs, capability matrices, deals, etc.)
  • Populate client templates and client questionnaires hosted on portals
  • Format and proofread GCP-led proposals
  • On-time draft delivery of proposals and input — meeting internal deadlines and requirements
  • Continued support throughout the pitch life cycle 
2. Intake support:
  • Offer a dedicated first point of contact for Requesters handling all requests and directing them to the most appropriate fulfiller, providing an assessment for incoming requests, and addressing issues or questions throughout the process
  • Ensure delivery of excellent customer service through fast and accurate processing of Pitch and Proposal Support requests through ServiceNow, and follow all agreed intake processes for smooth and timely response and support
  • In collaboration with the Assessment team and larger Intake team, provide a high-level assessment of incoming cases to the requesters, including by gathering insights about an opportunity to properly pass information to the Assessment team for a coordinated approach to leading pitches (including Pitch Packs – a suite of information and insights about the opportunity, client, etc. to help determine strategic direction)
  • Record all forms of intake activities promptly including proposals management, support, and teleconsultation requests, and ensure the accuracy of the information for data analysis and reporting
  • Ensure capture of final records and documents for reporting purposes and confirm that all new/useful content and best practices have been captured and shared for team future use
  • Collect all pitch outcomes including for pitches led by BD teams and updated relevant records -- accuracy and completeness of pitch details fed into BakerCI and pitch automation tools
3. Pitch- Research and Reporting: 
  • Research for proposal strategy development (including pre-panel planning) covering past proposals, terms & conditions, running financial reports, and client research (or liaising with the research team)
  • Upload materials and edit entries in the pitch tool (PiXel) and pitch and panel trackers, following pitch submission
  • Monitor and follow-up on the outcome of proposals with the pitch lead and updating the trackers accordingly
4. Pitch Enablement:
  • Liaise with other Firms' departments to update pitch tool (PiXel) content revised/created in the context of a proposal
  • Shadow pitch experts on teleconsultations
  • Guide local offices in navigating the various pitch tools
Skills and Experience:
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent relevant work experience
  • Prior work experience in a business development role in a business and/or professional services environment is required
  • Hands-on experience in proposal development including writing and project management would be a significant advantage
  • Excellent writing and oral communication skills in English, including grammar, spelling, and punctuation   
  • Able to take initiative, set priorities, and see projects through to completion to creatively solve problems and implement solution
  • Excellent organizational and project management skills
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Client service focus, flexibility, can-do attitude; motivated and enthusiastic; personal drive and energy
  • Experience in BD/ communications in professional services is advantageous
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office, particularly PowerPoint, Word, Excel is a must and, and Photoshop is good to have
  • Using web-based and library resources for BD intelligence gathering