The Baker McKenzie two year Graduate Programme offers graduates from any discipline, the opportunity to gain experience and broaden your skillset in six month rotations across four departments: AML (Anti-money Laundering), Legal Project Management (LPM), Procurement and Service Design.

The programme provides individuals with the opportunity to experience a career in each of the different business areas, allowing you to gain a deep understanding of the Firm, build relationships with colleagues across departments and develop transferrable skills, before applying to your chosen department

You will receive a comprehensive two week induction at the start of the programme providing core Firm training. At the beginning of each rotation, you will receive department specific training and graduates will be assigned a mentor who will assign your work and provide daily support. The mentor will work alongside the department manager to oversee your progress and development. 

Midway through each rotation, there will be an informal review of your progress and development. At the end of each rotation, a formal evaluation will occur with your mentor and department manager, to feedback on your progress.

The core responsibilities will differ as you rotate around each department allowing you to gain a broad skillset. 

About the Departments:

Anti-Money Laundering

The Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Compliance team is responsible for supporting Baker McKenzie offices in meeting their local AML Compliance regulatory obligations where new clients are on-boarded or new matters are undertaken.  As one of the largest international law firms in the world, Baker McKenzie will unfortunately always be a target of would-be money launderers.  The firm has a duty to identify and prevent the use of their services by those who seek to abuse them.  Such activities are important in order to safeguard Baker McKenzie from legal, reputational and financial risks. Through compliance with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Sanctions regulation, policy and guidance, the firm can seek to ensure business is conducted only with reputable clients, involved in legitimate business activities, using funds derived from legitimate sources.

Key Activities:

  • Researching and providing 'Know Your Client' details
  • Name screening to check for political exposure, sanctions and adverse media
  • Risk assessing clients and matters against factors such as service to be offered, client entity type, jurisdiction(s) involved, industries involved
  • Beneficial ownership research
  • Document collection and verification


The Procurement, Strategy and Operations (PSO) team is responsible for the purchase of goods and services for the Firm through ongoing contract and vendor management, ensuring the Firm's budget is spent in the most cost effective and efficient means possible through the appropriate supply chain under the most favourable terms and conditions.

Key Activities:

  •  Maintain and update the contract's database, including validating content and ensuring key data/legal points are tracke
  • Assist the Senior Specialist in maintaining the Procurement Department's central knowledge repository in Microsoft OneNote
  • Shadow and/or assist the Procurement Analyst with the allocation process of incoming work, enquiries and renewal contracts to specialists based in Belfast, Tampa, Chicago and Colorado
  • Shadow on calls between vendors and specialists, and PSO Team Meetings 

Legal Project Management

At Baker McKenzie we are at the forefront of Legal Project Management (LPM), believing a structured approach to complex matters results in increased efficiency, cost certainty, and the ability to meet challenging deadlines. We have a global team of Legal Project Managers covering all regions and practice groups, who work alongside our lawyers to provide creative and practical support to legal projects. The LPM team provides expert project management support to legal projects, including the planning, controlling, closing and review of legal matters, through scope definition and process design, matter management, bespoke fee reporting and the deployment of advanced technology platforms.

Key Activities:

  • Design and implement projects to run in the most efficient and coordinated manner, to ensure the project is completed on time and on budget;
  • Track and manage budget via detailed financial reporting; track timeline and scope through the duration of a project;
  • Leverage technology to reduce administrative burden, organize project deliverables, and increase efficiency;
  • Utilize the Firm's non-legal resources (e.g. in Service Centres), PBS teams, and innovative approaches to grow profitability.

Service Design

The Service Design team is a multi-disciplinary team that supports the implementation of the Firm's Reinvent initiatives and supports practice groups on specific service delivery projects. We draw on various design thinking and process improvement methodologies and enable creative confidence in our people to solve complex problems with and for our clients.

Key Activities:

  • Lead design activities on projects including: ideation workshops, user interviews, journey mapping and other human-centered design methods;
  • Develop and champion key design deliverables, including bank of case studies, user journeys, service blueprints, process flows and wireframes for the Firm;
  • Combine qualitative and quantitative data to tell compassionate narratives and shape future concepts;
  • Collaborate with team members from a variety of professional business and legal backgrounds.
  • Frame the story of the design solution both verbally and visually to key stakeholders across the Firm's senior leadership.

Reinvent is our market leading innovation programme. It is an umbrella for many initiatives and includes our LPM and Service Design teams, as well as our newly formed BakerML team, a specialist, multi-disciplinary team prototyping future client services that combine our lawyers' expertise with machine learning technology. The BakerML team members who are based in Belfast work very closely with the Service Design team. Your Reinvent rotation within the Service Design rotation will enable you to work on a whole range of pioneering projects across LPM, Service Design and BakerML.

Experience Required

Technical skills, qualifications and experience

  • 2:1 degree in any discipline (Applicants must have graduated by September 2022)
  • Attention to detail and strong time management skills
  • Excellent verbal and written communication
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Ability to work within a team
  • Proficient on MS packages, specifically Excel
  • Shows initiative
  • Ability to be innovative in problem solving
  • Creative thinker
  • Solutions orientated with an analytical approach

Personal Qualities:

These personal qualities represent the shared characteristics of high performers across Baker McKenzie, regardless of job level or location.

Know how:

  • Willing to learn and show an enthusiasm for different department rotations
  • Able to move through a variety of tasks requiring different approaches, knowledge, and expertise, with agility of mind and capacity for analysis


  • Driven by a strong personal sense of integrity and upholds exemplary quality standards.
  • Hardworking, adaptable and displays high levels of attention to detail. 

Personal Impact:

  • Creates a positive impression at all times.
  • Invests in, nurtures and builds a network of productive relationships 


  • Respectful to all stakeholders, regardless of their position
  • Treats delicate or confidential issues with empathy and discretion.
  • Has care and concern for others and a genuine interest in others as people