The Billing and Finance Support Centre (BFSC) supports billing, accounting and matter management functions of Firm offices around the world. Through standardization and technology updates, BFSC has continued to provide efficient and quality finance services across the Firm.

Primarily involved in handling matter management functions for the local office. He/She will need to become familiar with the law firm environment and the B&M matter intake rules and processes, particularly the local office matter intake structure and operations.

  • Process registration or opening of record for new client of the Firm or additional legal case (known as matter) for an existing client. This includes assisting in the identification of possible conflicts of interest, reviewing supporting documents, responding to queries related to client or matter registration, and submitting the registration for approval through the Client Matter Intake System of the Firm.
  • Process maintenance forms to update the record of existing clients and/or matters.
  • Ensure all registrations processed are in compliance with Firm policies and procedures.
  • Maintain and update records of client information in the Elite Legal Billing software.
  • Prepare and generate reports as requested by the local office, Team Leader or Supervisor.

Experience Required

  • Excellent English communication (verbal and written)
  • Technical/computer skills
  • Team player
  • Keen attention to detail and effective organizational skills
  • Effective time management ability and prioritization essential to meet deadlines
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships
  • Ability to think analytically
  • Ability to produce quality results under significant time constraints.
  • Exceptional ability to work and produce results within a group as well as individually
  • Willingness to do what is necessary to complete assigned tasks.
  • Preferably with knowledge in SAP and Intapp Open systems.