The Assistant Manager is directly responsible for the successful planning and strategic implementation of DSC projects, performance metrics including quality, productivity and utilization, people management, process improvements and administrative matters.

The AM provides strategic recommendation and drives processes and programs to help sustain and improve the department's overall performance.

The AM will drive operational improvements and other strategic initiatives related to innovation, client care, business development and integration.

Performance Metrics

  • Recommend and drive programs that will sustain performance improvements of the department by looking at patterns, collective performance and client feedback reports
  • Drive efficiencies through automation and innovation initiatives
  • Rolls out and drives strategic department/companywide performance improvement initiatives as directed by DSC and GSM leadership
  • Coordinates with other DSC leaders to formulate action steps and prevent quality issues from recurring
  • Keeps DSC processes relevant and updated through periodic audits
  • Resolve conflict on escalations or disputes on quality ratings
  • Drive the development and updates of DSC manuals, procedures, workflows and other references as needed
  • Acts as the DSC’s point person in the GSM Quality Council or other relevant plenaries
  • Consolidates monthly quality and feedback reports and provides analysis to the DSC Leadership team
  • Rolls out strategic initiatives as directed by DSC and GSM leadership
  • Provides recommendation on how to drive usage and optimize staff productivity and resource allocation. Work closely with DSC leaders to implement initiatives for the same purpose.
  • Analyzes data and reporting solutions to understand business impact, correlations/discrepancies, and propose changes/alternative solutions
  • Determine technology needs to help support operations
  • Oversee administrative activities

People Management

  • Monitors performance and provides feedback through regular one-on-one coaching sessions
  • Counsels team members on the proper discharge of their duties; if necessary, imposes disciplinary action and implements performance improvement plans
  • Conducts fair, constructive and thorough performance evaluations
  • Submits recommendations on promotions/incentives to the senior manager
  • Keeps employees engaged through activities and initiatives that foster a culture of collaboration, inclusiveness and unity
  • Embraces and promotes a culture of continuous learning by completing all required training courses, identifying and mentoring SMEs, and facilitating peer learning sessions


  • Ensures strict implementation of the project management framework
  • Prepares project plans for the successful implementation of projects
  • Prepares cost estimates and proposals to be submitted to customers
  • Prepares project documentation i.e. processing instructions, process workflows, processes maps.
  • Manages projects to successful completion based on customer specifications; establishes performance standards and measures
  • Allocates project resources in coordination with supervisors and project leads
  • Facilitate resource-pooling by coordinating with SMEs on training issues related to projects and look for opportunities to upskill and cross-skill where feasible
  • Creates workflows and process documentation in collaboration with the process and quality supervisor
  • Ensures customer sign-off on processes and relays them to project team members
  • Monitors progress of projects and provides regular status reports to customers and the DSC senior manager
  • Documents project completion and solicits customer feedback
  • Facilitates project post-mortem and RCA discussions
  • Prepares reports and information needed by customers, the senior manager and other stakeholders.
  • Identifies opportunities for collaboration with potential customers

Client Relationship Management

  • Rolls out and drives a client care framework to sustain satisfactory client experience

Experience Required

  • Deep knowledge and experience in operations and quality control practices
  • Sound technical background with the ability to identify technology and systems to improve service delivery
  • Excellent leadership and management skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Keen analytical skills
  • Good interpersonal skills and ability to motivate team members
  • Effective time management and prioritization skills
  • Ability to make effective, accurate decisions and judgment calls
  • Advanced proficiency in MS Office applications
  • Is able to collaborate with people at all levels of the organization
  • Highly organized and detail oriented
  • Is able to write technical and management-facing reports