Dera Nevin

Dera Nevin

Baker & McKenzie LLP


Dera J. Nevin is an associate in the Firm's Information Technology Practice.

Dera is a practicing e-Discovery lawyer and consultant. Her significant experience includes advising on all aspects of e-Discovery in civil, criminal, regulatory and M&A transactions and in internal investigations. She has a career managed review and production total of over 500 million records. She has pioneered the use of e-Discovery applications, including technology-assisted review (machine learning/AI) and multi-lingual search. She has advised numerous corporations on the development and implementation of e-Discovery programs and strategies, including litigation hold implementation, management and audit, and the release of litigation holds. She has significant experience recommending and implementing technology, building and evaluating e-Discovery operations and spearheading strategic initiatives directed at increasing e-Discovery program effectiveness, including implementing data security and privacy protections.

Practice Focus

Dera’s practice focuses on information governance, data privacy and security, and document and data conversion during the assessment and adoption of technology to assist with data and information management. She has implemented record retention and defensible deletion programs over electronic and physical records. She has experience auditing destruction programs and has served as a destruction witness. She has also advised on the implementation of mass digitization programs, as well as ancillary record format, record conversion and data migration programs.

Dera has also worked on projects identifying, buying or building legal technology and supervising its integration into the delivery of legal services, through its lifecycle of creation, purchase and use. She possesses the unique ability to facilitate communication between business, legal and technology teams. Dera can help clarify the relationship between use of technology and business strategy and execution.


  • New York~United States (2015)
  • Ontario~Canada (2002)


  • University of Toronto (JD) (2001)
  • Queen's University (MA English) (1996)
  • Queen's University (BA English Hons) (1995)