Leading global law firm Baker McKenzie has contributed to the World Business Council's (WBCSD) latest report, Healthy people, healthy business: Embedding a culture of employee health and wellbeing, which explores:  

  • Why is employee health and wellbeing business critical?
  • What is the role of business in protecting and promoting employee health and wellbeing?
  • How can companies realize a culture of health and wellbeing at the workplace?

Speaking after the WBSCD launched the report, Alyssa Auberger, Baker McKenzie's Chief Sustainability Officer said, ""Employee health and wellbeing is being increasingly recognized as a key lever for success, and treating it as a strategic priority allows companies to develop a sustainable workforce and beyond that, a sustainable business. This report provides practical suggestions on how businesses can incorporate wellbeing into their strategy, and highlight their long-term benefits to the business." 

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