Abliva has carried out a primary issuance of shares of approximately SEK 150 million and a preferential rights issue of approximately SEK 50 million to fund Phase 2/3 study. The subscription price was determined through negotiations with a number of investors.

Abliva discovers and develops medicines for the treatment of primary mitochondrial diseases. These rare and often very severe diseases occur when the cell’s energy provider, the mitochondria, do not function properly. The company has prioritized two projects. KL1333, a powerful regulator of the essential co-enzymes NAD⁺ and NADH, is entering late-stage development. NV354, an energy replacement therapy, has completed preclinical development.

Erik Penser Bank and Van Lanschot Kempen acted as financial advisors to Abliva. Baker McKenzie acted as legal advisor to the banks with a Capital Markets team consisting of Joakim Falkner and Johanna Flink.

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